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Our Top Things to Do in the Turks & Caicos Islands: A Property Owner’s Guide

An idyllic tropical paradise awaits.

Boats docked at a marina in Turks & Caicos.

The Turks & Caicos Islands are among the most naturally stunning destinations in the world. For investors and aspiring homeowners, the Caicos archipelago promises a world of opportunity and adventure.

With plenty to see, taste, and explore, this stretch of white sand islands surrounded by glittering blue waters has all the potential to be not just a home—but a gateway to island bliss.

1. Discover an Underwater World Waiting to Be Explored

Turks & Caicos is known for its vibrant blue waters. But the real treasures lie just underneath the surface, where a haven for snorkeling and scuba diving awaits.

Home to an abundant range of marine life, the waters that surround the Turks & Caicos Islands offer a thrilling experience for new and experienced divers alike.

Explore the vibrant marine life at Bight Reef and Smith’s Reef—or for more experienced divers, descend into the deep waters in the Columbus Landfall National Park, boasting drop-offs that reach over 7,000 feet!

Aerial view of blue waters and a rocky coastline in Turks & Caicos.

2. Soak Up the Sun & Island Hop on Pristine White Sands

It’s hard to ignore the allure of Turks & Caicos’ beaches. Grace Bay Beach, the crown jewel of Turks & Caicos, is an ideal place for property owners to unwind. Its powdery white sand paired with mesmerizing turquoise waters has earned it awards and top rankings on countless best beach lists.

However, each island of the Turks & Caicos archipelago has its own unique charm and character. Visit North Caicos for its lush vegetation and tranquil atmosphere, head to South Caicos for its rich fishing heritage and active wildlife or get a glimpse of TCI history in Salt Cay.

3. Visit Unique Local Attractions & Immerse Yourself in Local Culture

 The unique attractions that call Turks & Caicos Islands home are many—but here are a few of our favorite recommendations for those new to this beautiful tropical destination.

  • Chalk Sound National Park, known for its striking turquoise lagoon dotted with tiny islets, is a sight to behold. Go kayak or paddleboard to enjoy the natural beauty or simply relax and have a picnic.
  • Turks & Caicos’ culture is steeped in tradition. Visit the Turks & Caicos National Museum to get a peek at the rich history, including a closer look at the Salt Trade that helped put these islands on the map.
  • The Conch Bar Caves in Middle Caicos are part of a live limestone cave system, formed naturally over years and years. Unlike other tourist attraction caves, Conch Bar Caves do not include man-made paths, stairs, and lighting—so it feels like the ultimate adventure perfect for the most curious, daring travelers.

4. Enjoy A Taste of Turks & Caicos

Speaking of conch, travelers can indulge in decadent dishes from conch salad to spicy jerk chicken throughout the islands! Turks & Caicos, with its abundant fishing, offers a distinct flavor profile. Local tastes offer visitors a delightful gastronomical journey.

Between local eateries and fine-dining restaurants, the island’s culinary treasures are varied and dispersed throughout the archipelago. Nestled amid the water and sand, discover what it means to taste TCI.

5. Bird Watching at Frenchman’s Creek

The islands are rich in bird sighting opportunities for both avid bird watchers—or those just curious to catch a glimpse of the many tropical birds native to Turks & Caicos.

Among them, we highly recommend Frenchman’s Creek in Providenciales—a nature reserve home to flamingos, brown pelicans, and many other bird species.

Image of birds on a rock with blue waters in the background.

6. A Sunset Cruise Off the Island Coast

End your day with a sense of serenity. Sunset cruises never get old at Turks & Caicos, where the vibrant orange sun descends to meet the blue waters below, casting an array of gorgeous colors before dipping beneath the horizon. As you sail along the stunning coastline, take in every hue.

A woman stands by the water at a beach during sunset.

Even after the sun has set, you might even catch a glance at another illuminating sight: sea creatures glowing bioluminescent underneath the water, creating a magical end to a stunning day in paradise.

Your Adventure in TCI Homeownership Awaits

From blissful relaxation to thrilling adventures, Turks & Caicos is an island paradise that offers something for everyone. For those seeking a lifestyle filled with serenity and charm in equal measure, get in touch to learn more about the multitude of experiences available amid our corner of paradise.

If you’re considering investing in real estate in Turks & Caicos, feel free to inquire with us. As experts in Turks & Caicos property, we’re here to guide you every step of journey—and hope to see you soon!