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Turks and Caicos Retreat: The Loren’s Luxurious 7-Bedroom Villa 

The Loren at Turtle Cove presents its 7-bedroom villa as part of the 2026 development in the Turks and Caicos, now priced at $15.1 million. Tucked away in the peaceful Turks and Caicos, this villa represents luxurious living at its finest. It provides unmatched comfort and stunning views of the Caribbean Sea, making it a truly special place to reside. 

The main villa, currently being built, spans 13,000 square feet and features 7 spacious bedroom suites, each with stunning ocean views, private gardens, and a poolside terrace. Alongside, it offers wine storage, a garage, and inviting kitchens and living spaces. Buyers also gain access to The Loren’s beach club, and residences can include a yacht mooring up to 70 feet at The Loren at Turtle Cove Marina, right next to the resort. 

Set above Grace Bay’s turquoise waters, The Loren at Turtle Cove brings its renowned hospitality to Providenciales with six villas, twenty-five condos, and 33 guestrooms. Residents can look forward to exclusive experiences like private meet-and-greets and cooking lessons with renowned chefs through The Loren’s Guest Chef Series. Access to the Marina and a private wine collection in the hotel’s climate-controlled wine room are also among the privileges. 

The design of the marina restaurant honors the original Third Turtle Inn, with the Loren team salvaging wooden beams for a luxurious and sustainable touch. The Loren prioritizes environmental care by preserving indigenous plants and trees on-site. Through careful identification and relocation efforts, these plants will become a significant part of the hotel’s landscape, reflecting a commitment to sustainability under the Loren Roots Initiative: “An Actionable Response To Climate Change.” 

Turks and Caicos Retreat: The Loren’s Luxurious 7-Bedroom Villa  SOURCE: Haute Residence